Hello everyone!

The release of Pallas Lost is here! The journey to being published is at an end, now the journey to selling copies has begun, ha ha. Thank you all so much for your determination and support as I bring this series to life.

Quite a few of you have contacted me about getting a signed copy. I want as many people to have a signed copy as I can, so I’ve come up with a few ways to get this done while covering my costs. The choices are basically a bookplate, a mailed signed copy, or an in person signing. If it involves mailing, I will be doing them in batches, hopefully once a week.

This is all new to me, so my more experienced friends, please, let me know if I should make changes!


Message me using the contact form and provide the name exactly as you wish to be addressed, which method you are choosing, and your address. I will reply and give you Venmo information and my address. Even if you think I know where you live or how to spell your name, please send it anyway. I am paranoid about making mistakes, ha ha.


For a signed bookplate (basically a fancy sticker that I’ve signed that you can either stick on the inside cover or just keep with the book), I expect the cost to be around $5. I’ll be packing them in an envelope with some cardboard to keep it from being ruined. This makes it a little more expensive to mail, but I think it will be nicer quality.


For a physical mailed signed copy, purchase the book of your choice and have it shipped to my address. Use the postal calculator at https://postcalc.usps.com/ to estimate the cost, and Venmo me that total. It’ll be in the Medium Flat Rate Box, as the books are 6”x9” and 7”x10”.


I am still figuring out a date for this, but I’ll be doing a signing at my parent’s house in Niceville some point in May on a weekend. You’ll be welcome to come in person, but you can also have it dropped off there and I’ll sign it for you to pick up later. I’ll be posting the date soon, but expect it to be in the latter half of the month.


Nikki and I desperately want to visit Austin and do an in person signing. Mostly to see all of you! But it’s expensive, and all our money is going to Athena’s second surgery right now. I can’t even hazard a guess as to when such a trip will happen. So if you want to chance it and wait for us to visit, absolutely do that. We will eventually go, and we will definitely have a signing day, and it would be awesome to have it at Dragon’s Lair. If you don’t want to wait, follow the instructions for the US above.

Whew, that was a lot. If you have any questions, please comment and I’ll answer them publicly. I guess I need to go practice my signature!