Pallas Lost

Published May 4th, 2022
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While on a seemingly routine mission, Ensign Vasyli Nikonov finds himself the lone officer on duty when a derelict ship shows up on the scanners. When he and a superior board it, they find the crew killed in an impossible manner, and a dead Captain who ended his life scrawling the name “Pallas” on the floor with his blood.

Elsewhere, young scholar Eliot Charter impatiently helps the public as part of his duties. But the moment he can, he races to follow his passion: secretly researching whether Pallas exists or is simply a myth. His musings about the history of humanity and the cultural hatred of AI, lead him forward. He leaves home searching for a missing recording and his decision to go out into the universe changes everything.

Together our crew, along with Captain Skadi Ulfsdöttir, her co-pilot Mattias Warner and their ship the Ruby Shift, must race against time, a mysterious rogue organization, and corrupted government officials to find the answers that could save them all. With maybe a stop or two for the best mole this side of the universe.

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